The Naked

Director: Barbora Hollan

Duration: 24 min

A room full of crumpled up paper, crumbling charcoal sticks, large wooden boards - and in the middle of it all - a naked person. Old and wrinkled, young and fit, with seeming naturalness, they pose completely still so that frustrated students can try to reproduce every detail of their bodies. But who are they? The Naked is an short documentary about the body, nudity, shamelessness and shame - and people we look at, but don't always see.

Film info

Original title De nakne
Director Barbora Hollan
Producer Sarah Winge-Sørensen
Year of Production 2023
Length 24 minutes

Executive producer KriStine Ann Skaret
​Script Barbora Hollan
Cinematography Barbora Hollan
Editing Geir Fjermestad Rolandsen
Sound design Anna Nilsson
Grade & Online Jens Valberg
Post-production house Filmreaktor

Festival Screenings

  • Nordic Docs, Sept 2023, Fredrikstad, Norway
  • Bergen Internation Film Festival, Oct 2023, Bergen, Norway
  • Minimalen Short Film Festival, Jan 2024, Trondheim, Norway
  • The Norwegian Short Film Festival, June 2024, Grimstad, Norway