Sweat, towel snapping and hair spray: the school locker room is an unavoidable chapter in the lives of teenagers. They are epicenters for awkwardness and happiness, loneliness and solidarity, in a time of many changes.

Today's generation has more options than ever for expressing their individual identity, but few speak of having a carefree attitude towards their bodies and open showers. "Stories from the shower" is a snapshot of teenagers’ experiences and reflections from the locker room. 

Original title Fortellinger fra Dusjen​
Director Teresia Fant
Producer Sarah Winge-Sørensen
Year of Production 2021
Length 25 minutes

Executive producer KriStine Ann Skaret
​Script Teresia Fant
Camera Teresia Fant, Jonathan Bjerstedt
Editing Geir Fjermestad Rolandsen
Sound Anna Nilsson, Filmreaktor
Music Nicolas Lehtola
Choreographer Chollada Phinitduang

International Festival Distribution
Toril Simonsen, NFI
Phone: + 47 22 47 45 74
E-mail: ts(a)nfi.no

Festival Screenings ​

  • The Norwegian Short Film Festival, June 2021, Grimstad, Norway
  • Nordisk Panorama, Sept 2021, Malmö, Sweden
  • Dok Leipzig, Oct 2021, Leipzig, Germany
  • Bergen Internation Film Festival, Oct 2021, Bergen, Norway
  • Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, Nov 2021, Chicago, USA​
  • Minimalen Short Film Festival, Jan 2022, Trondheim, Norway
  • Tampere Film Festival, March 2022, Tampere, Finland
  • BUFF International Children and Young People’s Film Festival, March 2022, Malmö, Sweden
  • DokFilm Volda - The Norwegian Documentary Festival, April 2022, Volda, Norway
  • Helsinki International Film Festival – Love & Anarchy, Sept 2022, Helsinki, Finland
  • Reykjavík International Film Festival, Sept 2022, Reykjavík, Iceland
  • Kids Kino International Film Festival, September 2022, Warsaw, Poland
  • Inconvenient Films, October 2022, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Oulu International Children's and Youth Film Festival, November 2022, Oulu, Finland


  • Children's Choice Award, Nordisk Panorama, 2021
  • Honorable Mention, Norwegian short documentary, Bergen International Film Festival, 2021
  • Best Nordic Documentary, Minimalen Short Film Festival, 2022
  • Honorable Mention, Short Documentary, DokFilm Volda - The Norwegian Documentary Festival, 2022


  • Aftenposten TV, Nov 2021, Norway (streaming) 
  • NRK, Febuary 2022, Norway (linear & streaming)

Stills from the film