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Stories from the Shower

Director: Teresia Fant
Duration: 25 min

School showers: an unavoidable chapter of teenage life.

About the film

Sweat, towel snapping and hair spray: school locker rooms are epicenters for awkwardness and happiness, loneliness and solidarity, in a time of many changes. Today's generation has more options than ever for expressing their individual identity, but few speak of having a carefree attitude towards their bodies and open showers.

Stories from the Shower gives us a peek into what it means to be young and exposed in front of classmates today.

Do you cover up hairy legs - or own it? Is perfume enough to camouflage the smell of sweat? What extra considerations do you face if you are gay or trans? Young teenagers describe how they tease each other and back each other up - and how a look or comment can make your day or ruin your year.  

Told through clips from over 30 interviews – and dance – Stories from the Shower creates a picture of a complex time in young peoples’ lives, using the locker room as a focal point for feelings of joy and shame.

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Stories from the Shower has screened at numerous schools since 2022. It's particulary good at engaging young people from age 12 and up about topics that they are interested in, but can sometimes be difficult to address. To help start the conversation, there are various education resources available like the film study worksheet, which connects the film to education targets for different school subjects. Organizations like Sex & Politikk and Verdensdagen for psykisk helse (World Mental Health Day) have also created education materials to accompany the film, addressing topics like body shaming, peer pressure, and identity.

The film is available for screenings at schools in Norway through The Cultural Schoolbag / TCS (Den kulturelle skolesekken / DKS). If a TCS tour is not scheduled for your school or county, please read on for information about how to set up your own screening.

Workplaces, organizations or higher education

In addition to educating young people, Stories from the Shower can also give insight to parents, teachers, coaches, and others working with young people about the issues they face today. If would like to set up a screening for your workplace, organization, local community, or higher education institution, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and see our hosting guide for more tips and advice.

Øyvor Dalan Vik, Periskop

Stories from the Shower is not only an important project, it is also an artistic triumph.

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