Villagers and Vagabonds

Director: Merethe Offerdal Tveit
Duration: 49 min

How a work of art turned a tiny village upside-down.

A small village in the mountains of Norway is bypassed by a new highway tunnel. To make up for the loss of traffic and trade, a group of artists are invited to create a public art piece. But the villagers, unimpressed with the process from the start, erupt in outrage as it begins to take shape. Work is halted and the piece is removed for public safety. As the dust settles, the community wrestles with the unknown future of their village and the question: “What is art?” In a surprise turn, the artists are invited back to finish what they started. Sometimes first impressions can be misleading.

​Director Merethe Offerdal Tveit​
Producer KriStine Skaret
Year of Production 2020
Length 49 minutes 40 seconds

Script Merethe Offerdal Tveit
Camera Lars Erlend Tubaas Øymo
Editing Erland Edenholm
​Sound Håkon Lammetun
Music Christian Meaas Svendsen

International Festival Distribution
Toril Simonsen, NFI
Phone: + 47 22 47 45 74
E-mail: ts(a)nfi.no

Festival Screenings ​

  • Bergen International Film Festival – Oct 2020, Bergen, NO (premiere)
  • Nordic Docs – Nov 2020, Fredrikstad, NO.
  • Tromsø International Film Festival – Jan 2021, Tromsø, NO.
  • Human Film Festival – March 2021, Oslo, NO. 
  • The Norwegian Short Film Festival – June 2021, Grimstad, NO.
  • Dokfilm, The Norwegian Documentary Film Festival – April 2021, Volda, NO.
  • Oslo Pix – June 2021, Oslo, NO. 


  • Best Norwegian Documentary, 2020 Bergen International Film Festival. 
  • Best Norwegian Documentary, 2021 DokFilm, Volda (Gullflugeprisen)
  • Best Editing Documentary - Gullruten 2022
  • Nominated Best Documentary - The Amanda Awards 2021 at The Norwegian International Film Festival Haugesund


  • NRK (Broadcast date: June 10, 2021)

Drive-in screening in Kvam