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Villagers and Vagabonds

Director: Merethe Offerdal Tveit

Duration: 49 min

How a work of art turned a tiny town upside-down.”

About the film

A mountain village in Norway, hoping for rejuvenation, invites a group of artists to create a public art installation. But things do not go as expected. The award-winning film, Villagers and Vagabonds, tells the story of how a group of people went from polarized to reconciled - and how a work of art re-energized a community.

This film raises key questions surrounding identity, the survival of rural communities, prejudice and changing perspectives. It asks us to consider: what is art?

Villagers and Vagabonds can help open up discussions in communities about local identity, rejuvenation, regional planning, local development, public art projects, and decision-making processes. We also recommend film screenings for art institutions, museums and galleries, to catalyze conversations about art’s power to provoke, inform and transform

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Øyvor Dalan Vik, Dagens Næringsliv

"The documentary film Villagers and Vagabonds is the funniest voyage of discovery so far this year."

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