​Stray Dogs is a documentary film production company based in Oslo, Norway, run by producers KriStine Ann Skaret and Sarah Winge-Sørensen. 

We work with director-driven, creative documentaries from development to distribution, with a focus on human rights, social justice, art, and culture. We collaborate with both new talent and experienced filmmakers, in an environment that promotes creative exchange, artistic experimentation and challenging ideas. 

We believe in the ability of moving images to show us a different world than the one we see on our own. Stray Dogs is always looking for new stories that can develop our understanding of ourselves and each other. We see documentary film as an opportunity to share experiences that open up new perspectives and spark conversations that take us beyond the realm of film.

Stray Dogs Producers

Managing Director, Producer and Dramaturg

KriStine Ann Skaret is one of the founders of Stray Dogs Norway, where she develops and produces documentary films. She is behind the award-winning films Life is Beautiful (2023), Not That Kind of Guy (2022), Villagers and Vagabonds (2020), and the co-production Aswang (2019). Stine supports a diversity of talents and perspectives and also works as a dramaturg, consultant and guest teacher both nationally and internationally. She has previously been a consultant for the Norwegian Film Institute (2012 – 16) and Midtnorsk Filmsenter (2017 – 20) and produced several award-winning films at Medieoperatorene from 2007 – 2012. Stine has a BA in Aesthetics from UiO, a strong interest in free speech and human rights issues, and a big heart for stray dogs and hybrids of all kinds.

Producer and Impact producer

Sarah Winge-Sørensen joined Stray Dogs as a producer in 2018, producing the award-winning youth documentary Stories from the Shower (2021) by Teresia Fant and The Naked (2023) by Barbora Hollan. Together with Stine she also produced Life is Beautiful (2023) and Not That Kind of Guy (2022). Sarah has over 10 years of experience in film production and has specialized in audience engagement strategies. Before Stray Dogs, she worked on documentary productions at Sant & Usant, Indie Film and Medieoperatørene. She was impact producer on titles like All That I Am (Sant & Usant, 2020) and My Heart Belongs to Daddy (Indie Film, 2018). She was also responsible for audience outreach for the Norwegian launch of Gunda (Sant & Usant, 2020), which was Oscar short-listed for best documentary. In addition to producing, Sarah is an audience and marketing consultant at Viken Film Center and has previously worked as a guest teacher and line producer for the documentary director bachelor program at the Norwegian Film School. Sarah holds an MSc in Urban Design from the Bartlett School of Architecture and an MA in Politics and Social & Economic History from the University of Edinburgh.

Directors we work with

Mohamed Jabaly is a Palestinian filmmaker, producer, and artist from Gaza City. He came to Norway in 2014 and has since made a name for himself in the international film industry. His first full-length documentary, Ambulance, has been shown at several of the world's largest film festivals and has won several awards. These include the One World Media Award for Best Feature Documentary at BAFTA in 2017, the BBC Arabic Young Journalist Award, the SunBird Award at Days of Cinema in Palestine, the FIPA D'or Award, and the Jury Award for Best Documentary at FIPA in Biarritz, France in 2017. 

In addition to his work in filmmaking, Mohamed has conducted filmmaking workshops for young people and served on juries for several film festivals. Currently, he is pursuing his MA in Fine Art at the Oslo National Academy of Art. He holds a BA in Moving Images from Nordland Film & Art College in Northern Norway. In 2019, he joined Stray Dogs production as a director, and released his second award-winning feature documentary Life is Beautiful in 2023.

Signe Rosenlund-Hauglid is a director and journalist based in Oslo and Gothenburg. Her most recent film, Not That Kind of Guy, premiered at the Bergen International Film Festival where it received an honorable mention for Best Norwegian Documentary. She is currently completing her masters in creative directing at HDK-Valand in Sweden. In 2017, she received a bachelor's degree in journalism at OsloMet, and has since written for major Norwegian national papers such as VG, Klassekampen and Morgenbladet, among others. Signe has also directed several short documentaries that have screened at festivals worldwide. She recently co-directed the short art film BBQ & Apocalypse which screened at the Uppsala International Short Film Festival, the Glasgow Short Film Festival, and won the main prize at the 2022 Høstutstillingen (the annual Norwegian National art exhibition.) In 2020, her film Not in Tanzania received honorable mention at the Bergen International Film Festival and was nominated for The Iris Prize in 2021. Her 2019 graduation film from the OsloMet film art program, the short film Wrong Direction, screened in competition at the New Nordic Voice program at Nordisk Panorama in 2020. 

George Kurian is a documentary filmmaker, DOP, writer and photojournalist. His previous film, the award-winning The Crossing, was screened in more than 30 countries. The Crossing is being used by the UN, HRW, Amnesty International and is also part of the social sciences curriculum in various universities across the world. George’s work spans character driven documentaries, medical and wildlife documentaries, frontline news, current-affairs, and TV documentaries. His film and video work has been featured on BBC, Channel 4, National Geographic, Discovery, Animal Planet, ZDF, Arte,NRK (Norway),DRTV (Denmark), Doordarshan (India) and NOS (Netherlands). His photojournalism work has been published in The Daily Beast, The Sunday Times, Maclean's/Rogers, Aftenposten (Norway), Dagens Nyheter (Sweden), The Australian, Lancet, Domus, The New Humanitarian (formerly IRIN News) and through Getty images, AFP, and Nur Photo. George is a professionally trained mediator (conflict resolution), and is trained in hostile environments and emergency first aid (HEFAT). He is also available for consultations and planning for people and organisations working in the field where threat and conflict have to be taken into account.

Teresia Fant's short documentary Stories from the Shower (2021), about teenagers thoughts and experiences in school showers and changing rooms, won the Children’s Choice Award at its world premiere at Nordisk Panorama. It has gone on to screen at Dok Leipzig, Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, Tampere Film Festival, and BUFF among others. In Norway, it was broadcast on both NRK and Aftenposten TV and has screened in schools as part of a cultural tour and as part of sex and health education. From 2018 to 2019, Teresia directed Vacuum, a web-series about a group of 20-somethings, for the Finnish national broadcaster YLE. Her student film Viva Løten! was broadcast on NRK and DR and was nominated for New Nordic Generation award at Haugesund Film Festival. Her first documentary Empty cages the movie (37 min) premiered at the Gothenburg Film Festival and has since been shown at, among others, Ji.hlava IDFF and Dokfilm in Volda. She graduated with a bachelor in documentary directing from the Norwegian Film School the summer of 2018. Teresia was born and raised in Vasa, Finland, and is now based in Norway.

Adel Khan Farooq is a filmmaker working in animation, fiction and documentary, as well as an author and journalist. His feature documentary, Recruiting for Jihad (2017), was screened at several major festivals, like Hot Docs, AFI DOCS, DOC NYC, IDFA, One World-International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, and CPH:DOX. His most recent film, the short animation Cockroaches (2022), was produced by the Oscar-winning animation studio Mikrofilm and premiered at Animafest Zagreb. Adel debuted as an author in 2016 with the book My Brothers, which became a bestseller in Norway. He previously worked as a journalist in the Norwegian national paper Dagbladet, and as a researcher for the NRK program Brennpunkt. He has a bachelors in journalism from the Oslo and Akershus University College (now Oslo Met).

Barbora Hollan is a photographer and documentary director. She is a graduate of the Norwegian Film School and the Academy of Arts Architecture and Design in Prague. Her film, Dandelion Mum, was nominated at several international film festivals and won the Don Quixote prize at the Krakow International Film Festival. In 2014, her work was also selected for Høstutstillingen (the annual Norwegian National art exhibition.) She is now working on her first feature length documentary.

Hazhir Ibrahimi graduated from the Norwegian film school with a degree in creative documentary directing in 2020. His student film Please wait, about two brothers in an asylum center, won Honourable Mention at the Norwegian Documentary Film Festival. He also won the pitch competition Nordic Talents in 2020 for his film Carrying Baggage. Hazhirhas a passion for telling stories from childrens’ point-of-view. He also works with fiction and is in currently in post-production with the short film Run Sipan Run.

Merethe Offerdal Tveit works with documentary film and art film. She has produced and directed several short films about rural Norway, a topic close to her heart. Her feature documentary Villagers and Vagabonds, won best Norwegian documentary at both Bergen International Film Festival and Dok Film Volda. It also won the Gullruten for best documentary editing and was nominated best documentary at the Amanda Awards. She has directed several short fiction, documentary and experimental films. Absalon Beyersgate 10 (2010) an experimental short shot on super-8, was screened at Nordisk Panorama. Merethe studied directing at Nordland Art and Film School and at Oslo Met.

Thea Haavet is a Danish-Norwegian journalist and filmmaker who has worked for Vårt Land, Nordisk Film and TV, and TV Inter, among others. As a film and development producer for the Stefanus Alliance, a human rights organization focusing on freedom of religion and belief, she traveled the world with a camera and filmed stories from places such as Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan and the Korean Peninsula. The theme of refugees, migration and integration has been a common thread throughout her career. In 2019, she started her own company, Soulspace Film: www.soulspacefilm.com